Your weakness?

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I know what normal guys like and have a pretty good idea of what losers like you enjoy, but I’m still curious. What part of a woman’s body is most able to turn you into a begging, whimpering toy? Are you easily ruled by a busty woman or one with a big, round ass? One with long, shapely legs? Or are you a foot lover first and foremost?

Perhaps you’d like to buy Me a pair of tight, designer jeans to show off my awesome booty. Or maybe more heels/boots to add to my collection for you feet and leg boys.


Dress me!

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Financial domination is fun!
SissyJake picked out and bought me these very sexy shoes today. I must say that for a complete loser, he has good taste! I’m going to be having some fun with a real man next weekend. And by real man, I mean a guy who’s packing somewhere around ten inches of thick cock and fucks me damn near until I break. Basically, the opposite of you losers. But, you can help! Haha, no, you don’t get to join us, but you do get to pick out some sexy outfits for me to wear while he bends me over and fucks the living hell out of me.

I know what you’re thinking: “How? I’m just a stupid submissive toy with a tiny cock and I don’t understand!” Well, let me make it simple. You toys are free to e-mail me with links to outfits and shoes on One place to look is from this seller. You will also send an e-gift certificate in addition to your suggestion. Naturally, the more you send, the more likely I’m going to choose your outfit over some other toy’s. Of course, if your choice sucks, I’m sure as hell not going to wear it! I’d also like to hear your reasoning for making your choice. Is it because it shows off my perfect legs? Is it because it’ll make my hung stud unable to keep his eyes off my cleavage? My e-mail address is on the right side of my website in the little box. Those of you who are international and can’t buy the giftcards, e-mail me anyway and we’ll work something out.

Being a brat

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My boyfriend hasn’t been keeping up on his chores, so it’s pretty obvious that he must not have any desire to cum anytime soon. I think he’s in need of some extra punishment, however, so I’m looking to you losers for ideas on what he deserves. Should he undergo a set # of days of teasing without being allowed to cum? Some CBT sessions? Humiliation? Something even more cruel? Let Me know, because I’m sure he’ll love hearing me read off some of the twisted things you worthless fucks think up.

Speaking of you worthless fucks, some of you have been falling behind as well. Pick up the pace, buy Me something. Shoes, clothing, makeup, or a nice fat MoneyPak to load my card with so I can spend it wherever the hell I want!


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It’s summertime, which means it’s also time for new clothing! Sexy shoes, little dreses, flirty tops, short skirts, and more! Is it any wonder why I enjoy summer so much? :D

I figured I should also update the various ways you can pay tribute to Me. Easy and fast. Plus I can get just about anything there. Shoes, some clothing, household stuff, movies/music/games
TwistMyRubberArm: Mmmm, sexy latex clothing. Not as fun to wear in the summer heat, but that doesn’t stop me.
JTsStockroom: Fun and kinky toys! This is where I prefer to get my whips and strap-ons and other evil implements :D
VictoriasSecret: My favorite bras and panties, as well as lots of cute clothing including tons of summer dresses.

I just got a $100 one today, so let’s see if you can top that, hmm? My e-mail address is in the box on the right side of my webpage.

Kinky Carmen

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Haha, oh man, this woman is like my new idol. She has an amazing body and is one hell of a kinky, evil bitch! :D

And check out these videos of her, too! Be a good toy and sign up for her awesome website. It even comes with access to 20 other fetish sites.


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The boy and I just got a new apartment. Naturally, that means the best way to spoil me now is to gift me with gift cards from and Lowes doesn’t have online cards, but you can just buy one and send me the number and everything so I can add it to my account. After all, why should a loser like you get fancy new furniture and other luxuries when I deserve it so much more? Do it now, microdicks.

Something for you

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Just found this site and figured some of you losers might like it. Go sign up -now-. They’re awesome :D

Poor boy

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Just updating to give you an update on my boyfriend. He’s at over half a year since he’s had an orgasm, and I know it’s sooo difficult for him because he doesn’t wear a chastity belt. I find it crueler that way because he’s constantly faced with the urge to just jack off and relieve his blue balls. Of course, he knows the penalty for doing something so stupid.

I’m still seeking some loser gambling addicts to add to my moneyslave collection. It’s so much fun to watch you think you’re eventually going to win, only to fall deeper and deeper in debt to me. So get your credit card(s) out and send me an e-mail.

More stuff!

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So, some of you have asked about The Boy. He’s working on his 6th month without an orgasm and I’m thinking I might just make him go a full year. Should be getting -very- frustrating for him around now, especially as he gets to watch me fuck -real- men while he aches for release. But I bet you losers are probably getting hard at the thought of that sort of treatment.

As for my wishlist, I’m still looking for someone to give me the gift certificate so I can buy a new, sexy monitor and a few computer upgrades. “Loser Larry” bought me Spore for the PC, which I’m sure I’ll love since I was such a Sims addict. Now if only he could make the release date sooner. Oh! And I really want a Tivo, so gift certificates are still desired. Financial domination is so fun! And I’m sure you boys find moneyslavery just as rewarding. Ok, probably not, but you don’t deserve rewarding anyway :D

For those of you who want to buy me clothes, there’s no need to hesitate! I especially love it when you boys pick out sexy outfits for me to wear when I go out to get fucked by a real man. Let me know what you’d like to imagine me getting fucked in, because that’s the closest you’re gonna get. If I like your idea, I’ll let you buy it for me. I’m quickly becoming a big fan of latex, and I could always use more heels and boots. Costumes are extremely fun too, if only to wear around the house to torture my poor, denied boyfriend with.

Yahoo: spoileddextra
Send tribute before contacting me


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I’m back! And well-fucked! And the boy still hasn’t cum! The end.

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